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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Earthly Delights – Kerry Greenwood

Local author Kerry Greenwood is well known for her Phryne Fisher novels: murder mysteries set in the 1920s.  Earthly Delights is the first book in a modern day mystery series featuring a new protagonist: Corinna Chapman.  Corinna Chapman is a proactive woman who gives up her boring job as an accountant and her stuffy husband to pursue her lifelong dream of running a bakery.

Because it is the first book in a series, Earthly Delights takes time to describe the setting, an old set of flats in Collins Street Melbourne where each flat is named after a roman god, and her bakery located on the ground floor.  The tenants of the building are an eclectic mix, including a modern day witch, a dominatrix and techno geeks.

The mystery begins when the tenants start to receive death threats, and Corinna saves a heroin addict dying outside her back door.

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